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Celebrate Your Pet Today

Our company started out creating the Framed & Personalized Rainbow Bridge Memorial Poems for those who lost their beloved pets. As time went on we received numerous requests to cater also to those pets we share our lives with now.

We offer a great selection of pet products for Dogs. The prices and quality of our products keep our customers coming back. We're sure you love your pets as much as we do ours, so we know you are looking for top quality pet products to meet yours and your pet's needs.

Whether it’s that special outfit for a dressy occasion, or an every-day wear to show off your pet’s unique personality,
The Pet-Boutique has something for you and your dog.
Our business and products have also been featured in publications including Dog Fancy, Coastal Living, Party Paper and others. You may also have seen our products on television such as Modern Family, Fox News, Animal Planet and various TV commercials.
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